Monday, January 2, 2012


this collection of photos brings together some of my favourite things to do, see and eat in paris - a city where i can never spend enough time.  i visited in late september of last year during an unprecedented autumn heat wave which seemed to have the parisians a little confused.  as a tourist, it was however, a dream come true as i was able to enjoy the summer weather without the june/ july crowds.  i indulged in macarons at every opportunity; at a picnic in front of the eiffel tower, during a leisurely afternoon stroll along the champs-élysées.  macarons are like a french delicacy, and i believe the best varieties are found at ladurée along with mouthwatering cakes and pastries.  my favourite bridge to cross from la rive gauche to la louvre is pont des arts covered in padlocks by couples who make a romantic wish and throw the key into the river.  i love the way parisian women ride bicycles in high heels and dresses totally unaffected by the attention they receive and the crazy buzz of traffic around them.  j'adore paris.

claudine xo


Marie Cecile said...

Sweet memories!

American Expat said...

In my current "condition," I should not be looking at your pictures of macaroons after 10pm. Hubs is now trying to figure out where he can get me one (or 10) to shut me up/satiate my craving!