Saturday, February 4, 2012

turkish delight

enjoying an apple tea

topkapi palace, istanbul

mosaic tiles at ephesus

an ephesus local

library of celsus, ephesus

library of celsus, ephesus

turkish sweets, druel....

local flavour

turkey is one of the most intriguing countries that i have ever visited.  rich with history and culture and a vast and varied landscape, it is a feast for the senses and a traveller's dream destination.  in istanbul we spent hours trawling through the grand bazaar, haggling with shopkeepers in one moment and drinking turkish tea with them in the next.  i loved the decadence of the topkapi palace and the hustle bustle on the sultanahmet streets. i was blown away by ancient ruins, ephesus in particular (see photos above) so well maintained that you could imagine life at the peak of the roman empire.  best history lesson i ever had.

claudine xo


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you get to travel all these places. You're sooo lucky. But my favorite is still Israel, I loveeee it there. If you haven't gotten there, you need to get there ;)
How is it possible for you to travel to all these cool countries? Is it your job or just a cool vacation?

sauce of style said...

Hi Ash Louise, no I haven't been there but thanks for the tip! I took 6 months off work and travelled around the U.S. and Europe - it was the trip of a lifetime :D