Monday, February 13, 2012

joyeux noel

such a cool christmas tree

the chanel windows with marionette puppets - printemps

mini karl's - love!

this photo just makes me smile, what a cutie!

chez hanna or l'as du falafel make the best falafels in the marais

le marais, one of my fave spots in paris

putting up the christmas tree in front of notre dame (it looks a little small dontcha think?!)

sorry for the lack of posts everyone but to make up for it here are some of my favourite paris photos.  i love being in europe in the lead up to christmas.  it is such a wonderful feeling to snuggle up in chunky knits, suede  boots (*ahem* isabel marant) and lots of leather and eat warm, comfort food without having to worry about wearing a bikini for at least 3 months!  the christmas windows at printemps and galleries lafayette were the best i have ever seen and i am still dreaming about the chanel matryoshka doll handbag - genius!

claudine xo

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Marie Cecile said...

I love Paris any day of the year! And I love your photos!

jacques said...

I love your photos. yes paris is the city of love and joy.

Saya said...

Transported away to the magic of Paris - full of the awe and wonder of a child... Thank you xo