Tuesday, January 31, 2012

five lands...a world apart

 a delicious local seafood lunch at manarola

 the breathtaking views over vernazza

the money shot 

a shy cat turning away from the camera (check out his lunch beneath the chair!) 

vivid stripes in monterosso

cinque terre, italy
one place everyone must visit. walk the trail between monterosso and vernazza for the most spectacular views and reward yourself with a fresh seafood lunch.

claudine xo


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely LOVING all your photos. SOOO PRETTY! I'm just drooooling over them

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's it missy, I'm following you... I'm just in love with your photography :)

Rach said...

wowsers, Cinque Terre looks amazing! awesome pics lady

sauce of style said...

Thanks Ash Louise! There are lots more photos to come so stay tuned : )

Rach, its even more amazing when you are there - add it to your list! x

Fash Boulevard said...

so insanely stunning. fabulous blog, love. I don't know why I'm only just now following. love! xo

Small town girl turned LA local.

jacques said...

c'est mignon le chat

sauce of style said...

Thanks Fash Boulevard, I really appreciate the support!!! :)