Wednesday, January 4, 2012

crazy beautiful

what better way to describe the amalfi coast than these two words "crazy beautiful".  especially if you are visiting, like we did, in the last two weeks of august when the rest of italy descends on the tiny coastline for their summer break.  the ocean is a pale aqua blue, the tiny beaches are jam packed with brightly coloured umbrellas which resemble lollies from a bird's eye view, the roads wind like serpents around the mountains and occasionally dangle over the cliff's edge (giving you a minor heart-attack when you take a corner too quickly :S).  we very ambitiously drove around these parts swerving out of the way of oversize buses, psychotic scooter drivers and squeezing through two way roads that barely fit one car!  but i do have to take my hat off to these italians who are brave enough to build towns on the side of mountains (somehow defying gravity) and who cooked some of the most amazing cuisine we experienced all trip long.

claudine xo


Lisa said...

Louise and I love the sign that has Salerno on it as it's where her father is from. Great pictures- they are giving us such a nice idea of where our family is from!

Marie Cecile said...