Saturday, March 3, 2012

the wonder of the alhambra

if you ever have the pleasure of visiting southern spain, you must go to granada.  surrounded by the sierra nevada mountains and only an hour drive from the coast, you will fall in love with the diverse beauty of the landscape.  and of course no visit to granada would be complete without visiting la alhambra, the moorish citadel and palace.  the architecture and craftsmanship of the sultan's palace will leave you speechless and the views from the city of granada looking out over the alhambra with the sierra nevada mountains in the backdrop are truly special.

claudine xo


jacques said...

magnifique comme toujours, il doit être génial d'être là

Rach said...

Beautiful pics claudie! X

Saya said...

Wow - such stunning images! I just want to get whisked away there now!

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