Monday, January 9, 2012

up, up and away

 champagne at 6am, sure why not.

celebrating a safe landing, phew!

hot air ballooning in cappadocia, turkey would undoubtedly be one of the highlights of our trip.  it was an early 4am start, pitch black outside and with a certain eery chill in the air.  we were picked up from our hotel and driven for what felt like miles to the headquarters of our hot air balloon company where hundreds of other tourists nervously waited.  we were split into groups and taken over to the giant balloons, given a 30 second safety brief and up we went...just like that!   i was overcome with so many emotions - fear, excitement, adrenalin - but after the balloon started to rise i felt an overwhelming sense of calm and wonderment.  no one ever tells you how quiet it is that high up in the air, the only sound was our balloon pilot firing up the balloon to make it rise.  and the views were spectacular, these photos will never do it justice but i hope they will at least give you some idea of the beauty of this natural landscape.

claudine xo


jacques said...

Champagne voler en ballon ce qu'est une vie

Saya Madeleine said...

Wow... INCREDIBLE... Your photos are magnificent!.. and if they don't do the experience justice I can't begin to imagine what that 'wonderment' must have felt like.. Thank you for sharing!