Monday, January 16, 2012

fashionable interiors

 accessory tea party?

heels for bookends - yes please!

accessorise your bathroom vanity

i love to be surrounded by beautiful things.  objects that remind me of a place or person or time in my life.  fashion has always done that for me, i can recall a certain event just by the outfit that i wore and in particular the accessories - shoes, bags and jewels!  i collect these special objects but have long wondered what to do with them in my ever growing wardrobe.  these images have inspired me to find ways to display my most treasured possessions in my home so that i can admire their beauty every day.

claudine xo

images via the COVETEUR


Saya said...

I love the vivid colours and contrasts!! I wish I had a similar collection of fashion goods :)

J9 said...

Accessory tea party!!!!