Thursday, January 26, 2012

double dutch

amsterdam is one of those places you won't want to leave.  the people are warm and welcoming and it feels much more like a small village than a big city.  there is a great cafe culture which reminded me so much of home as well as cool and individual boutiques sprinkled all over town.  some of my favourite places to shop were on haarlemmerdijk as well as de negen straatjes which means "the 9 streets" and is just that; 9 streets located in the heart of the canal district which are filled with the most amazing designer boutiques, art galleries, bars and restaurants.  i also love that everyone gets around on a bike although i'm not sure how easy it would be to remember where you left it (check out photo #6...eeek!).

claudine xo


Saya said...

I can't see myself wanting to leave a place like that either. 9 streets full of boutique shops and cafes? Sounds wonderful

jacques said...

où tous les fromages hollandais